Pilates is for everyone. 

If you have a goal, Pilates will help get you there.  With core principles grounded in breath, functional alignment, core control, and movement integration, Pilates will improve every part of the

mind & body. 

And, most importantly,

Pilates feels good.  

Jonna is passionate about movement - she believes you feel the best in your own body and mind when you can move and play with ease. Pilates does just that, it strengthens and stretches the body through functional exercises rooted in anatomy and physiology.  

There is never a day you cannot do Pilates. 

It can push you to your limit, building your strength,  and it can restore, reviving and activating your foundation. It has the power to help you walk up the stairs or climb to the top of a mountain.  Thriving on variety, Jonna’s background in therapy-based Pilates has given her the training and experience to work with a wide range of students. She thrives partnering with you to improve your quality of life.